Vertigo-December Soap Challenge

December soap challenge was really challenging for me. And the challenge wasn’t in making the soap but mostly waiting to unmold. For the love of me I CANNOT wait longer than 12 hours, I always take the soap out of the mold and cut it after 8-10 hours. I’m pretty sure there is damage in the part of my brain responsible for waiting….and I’m afraid it’s not repairable 🙁

Last month I had 5 attempts so this month I promised myself I will only do one batch….and so did I. I know the lines are not crisp and clean but I also know I won’t be able to wait 24-48 hours before I rip the impression mat off the soap, unless someone puts me into a 48 hours induced coma. And I’m pretty sure no doctor will do that 😉

So I’m gonna submit my soap the way it is just for the fun of it 🙂

A little bit about making it. I ordered my impression mat from a company that produces them for jewelry making. They sell them as flexible texture and the sizes are different from the baking impression mats. A tile measures 2X4 inches. I had to get 3, cut one in a half and the 2 1/2 fit perfectly in my tall & skinny mold.

I put part of the soap in mini piping bags to fill the impression mat without making a big mess.


I used red soap to fill in the spirals


Then I filled in the fine lines with black soap. This was a very meticulous job and I was worried the rest of my soap will thicken to much even if I was using a slow moving recipe. Luckily, it didn’t 🙂



I laid a wet washcloth on top then peel it off to clean the excess soap because even with the piping bag I still managed to make a beautiful mess 😀



I placed the tiles on the bottom of the mold and poured the rest of the soap which was still pourable and I was even able to make some swirls :))


Eight hours later the soap was out of the mold and I was able to wait two and a half more hours before I peeled off the mat, haha. I’m just wondering how it would have looked if I waited at least 12 more hours… Well, because of my “brain damage” I guess I’ll never find out 🙂

And this is the “prematurely born” final product:



15 replies on “Vertigo-December Soap Challenge

  • Carmen

    Thank you, Sarah!
    Cool Tools tiles for jewelry have 2 different depths. I almost ordered one that I absolutely loved but I read the reviews and found out the imprint was very fine. So I had to settle for this one.

  • Penny S.

    Very creative to fit the mats together to get what you needed. Red, black, and white always makes a dramatic impression! Love it! Good job, Carmen!

  • Dani

    Hilarious! And I too thought I was impatient after 12-24 hours, LOL! I love the design you found and will have to check out Cool Tools as well. Great soap!

  • Sara Golding

    The mat you chose is great- so original. I was looking at some from Cool Tools (they came up in my google search) I wasn’t sure if they would be deep enough for the texture to transfer- nice to know they do! Did you see the pretty Hibiscus one? The colors you used here are wonderful, I love how well the piping worked out.

  • Debi Olsen

    LOL! I seriously thought I was ridiculously impatient but I think you may actually be worse than me! What a relief! Despite your impatience, your soap turned out stunning! It reminds me of an Oriental design on fabric. Well done!

  • Omneya Dhmaid

    Love that you piped in your colors. Love the color choice. And it came out fantastic!
    What a beautiful soap!

  • Sly

    What a really cool idea! I had never heard of Cool Tools and I had to check out their mats.
    I love the color combo you used and the way the tops turned out on each slice, as well as the lovely design inside.

  • Carmen

    Yes, Amy 🙂
    I had my friend taking my soap to her place twice. But I showed up at her door after a few hours claiming my soap back. I’m serious, the only way to keep me away is to put me into a coma. I tried to make the soap before I go to sleep but I couldn’t sleep all night thinking about it?
    I’m telling you, I have a serious problem?

  • Amy Warden

    You’re hilarious, Carmen! So you’re saying someone needs to hide your soap from you after you make it and give it back 24 (or more) hours later? 😉 The soap really did turn out neat – I never would have thought to find an impression mat from another industry! The color scheme is very striking.

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