The making of “Princess Of The Dawn”

This is a very short tutorial on how I made the design of “Princess Of The Dawn”. It is not a tutorial on how to make soap.


1. I made CP soap in 2X2 squares silicone mold and cut them in slices after unmolding


2. I poured a thin layer of CP soap  in a pan lined with parchment paper and 12 hours later I cut little discs using a 2A decorating Wilton tip


3. I stuck the little discs side by side (or is it on top of each other?…haha) to form a long log


4. I placed the green slices in the mold in 3 rows and the discs in 2 rows


5. I poured the base soap to cover the discs/dots then I placed 2 more rows:


6. I poured more soap to cover all of the embeds. Before I filled the mold I did what I call “a whisper swirl”. I don’t have a picture of that because the batter started to thicken and I had no time to take pictures. I do the whisper swirl by pouring very tiny lines of colored soap on top of each other, on the side of the mold, then I go with the hanger through the colored lines 1-3 times in small circles.

I’m not good at explaining so I hope the pictures help 🙂


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