The Making Of “Playing On Thin Ice”


When I found out that this month’s challenge is a themed soap I knew I was going to skip it. I’m not good with themes and I couldn’t think of any Winter Wonderland theme that would trigger the need and excitement to make a soap. I did register because I wanted to see all of the creative entries.

But then something came up. While looking online for a cookie cutter I came across a Bambi mini cookie cutter that instantly reminded me of this picture:



And I couldn’t resist! Snow, ice, winter, wonderland…..I wanted to make a soap :))

I got the Bambi cookie cutter along with two others the day before the link for submission opened.

Here are the toys I played with:



I made CP soap in three colors and cut it in slices:



Blue for the cloud, brown for Bambi and green (two shades) for the trees. I had no issues cutting the clouds and trees but that cute little Bambi gave me a lot of grief. It is so tiny and the cut soap would not come out of the cutter, I had to keep cutting until the shape came up through the top of the cutter then I had to carefully cut it off. It was such a tedious job…


IMG_8757   IMG_8759



One of the trees got cut in half so I could fit it in the mold then I placed all sliced shapes side by side to create a mini log of soap that would be the embed. The soap was still soft so I was able to make them “kinda” stick together


IMG_8763    IMG_8768


I thought cutting the Bambi shapes was hard. But the craziness and challenge only started after I poured a thin layer of blue soap (for the ice) and a thin layer of white (for the snow) on each side of the mold and I inserted the embeds, especially the cute Bambi. Some of the legs and ears broke inside the mold (that’s the reason I called it playing on thin ice, poor Bambi broke his legs when I placed him on the thin ice, haha), I was trying to reattach them in the wet batter, it was a mess….And on top of that the soap started to thicken fast so I had no time to take pictures of the embeds in the mold.I wasn’t sure I would get more than a bar or two out of 7.

But surprisingly, I got 4 good bars with Bambi’s ears and legs intact. Here’s the cut



And I have a feeling this is my first and last themed soap….or maybe not 😉



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