The Making Of “Lucky 13”



I love how clean and straight the layers in melt and pour look and I have been trying to get them just like that in CP soap. This is

another of many attempts to layers but the first time attempting more than 6.

To get the layers straight you must make as many batches as desired layers. Or at least this is the only way I know 😉


I used the 2.5 lbs tall and skinny mold from Nurture Supplies and I made 13 mini batches (75 g oils in each batch for a total of 975 g oils), I used 13 different micas, and 13 different FO for each mini batch.

***I made ONE batch at the time, I poured at very THIN trace and I waited 30 MINUTES before making and pouring the next batch***


The following is a list with what I used in each batch:

1. Sky Blue mica from Nurture Soap/Black Raspberry Vanilla FO from WSP

2. Oh So Yellow mica from Workshop Heritage on Etsy/Crisp Anjou Pear FO from BB

3. Wine Red mica from Workshop Heritage on Etsy/Black Cherry FO from BB

4. Neon Green mica from Dr. Adorable on Amazon/Lemon Zest FO from WSP

5. Violet mica from Workshop Heritage on Etsy/Autumn Fig Harvest FO from BB

6. Magenta mica from Workshop Heritage on Etsy/Grapefruit FO from WSP

7. Coffee mica from Workshop Heritage on Etsy (didn’t really need to color this layer)/Vanilla Select FO from BB

8. Incredible Luster Blue mica from Workshop Heritage on Etsy/Yuzu FO from BB

9. Wine Red mica from Workshop Heritage on Etsy/Sun Ripened Strawberry FO from WSP

10. Aztec Gold mica from Workshop Heritage on Etsy/Monkey Farts FO from NG

11. Peacock Green mica from Workshop Heritage on Etsy/White Nectarine FO from RE

12. Peach Red mica from Workshop Heritage on Etsy/Red Apple FO from BB

13. Neon Orange mica from Dr. Adorable on Amazon/Fresh Picked Watermelon FO from WSP

Yep, it’s a very fruity soap 😀


Some of the layers after they were poured:

IMG_8708    IMG_8709


IMG_8710    IMG_8711


IMG_8712    IMG_8717


IMG_8742    IMG_8743


IMG_8744    IMG_8745






And the loaf before cutting:



It surely lives up to its name, I finally got straight layers!! The time it took to layer it paid off :))







14 replies on “The Making Of “Lucky 13”

  • Carmen

    Thank you, Sly 🙂
    It does take a long time but you can do other things while waiting to pour the next layer. It’s really not that bad 😉

  • Carmen

    We both did the same thing 🙂
    I masterbatch so I just measured 75 g of oils out of the master batch and mix it with 21 g lye solution.
    You’re Kristie with sevenseassoap on Instagram. Right?
    I can’t wait to see your soap 🙂

  • Kristie

    Nice work! I made mine with one batch and carefully weighed out the lye and oils from the main batch. I didn’t mix the whole batch but instead poured 1.89 lye and added 4 oz to that. I just did that over and over. I did a couple of 2 oz pours. I can see why yours took so long now. It’s absolutely perfect.

  • Kristie

    Love this!! I know it was a ton of work but by looking at the pictures of the layers as you filled it …wow!!! I cant even imagine how excited you must have been before being able to unmold!!! That is one of my favorite parts! If these end up for sale i would love to buy one!

  • Jeanette

    Carmen your talent never ceases to amaze me!! This is ..WOW! simply amazing!! Thank you for sharing with us!

  • Tanisha

    Absolutely gorgeous! Your patience definitely paid off. Love the layers, colors and the scent choices. Does it smells like tropical punch?

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