The Making Of “Hanami”


I apologize for the lack of pictures, I’ll try to compensate it by explaining the best I can.

For this soap I split the batch in 3 equal batches. The mold I used holds 1000 grams (I work in grams) and I made 3 batches of 330 g each.

1. I poured the first batch, when it got thick enough I textured the top with a teaspoon then I dusted red mica and sprayed with alcohol.

2. For the middle layer I did 2 black and 1 red “whisper swirls” (I call it a whisper swirl because I couldn’t come up with something better, haha). To get a whisper swirl I pour a very tiny line of colored soap and pour another very tiny line of the base color on top. I don’t have a picture of this particular soap  but I hope the one I have helps:


After I poured the 2 lines on the side (black and white for Hanami)  I went through them with a hanger in 2-3 small circles. I poured more base soap then I did the same thing on the other side with red. After topping that with more base soap I did another black whisper swirl, topped it with the remaining soap batter, textured the top and dusted another mica line.

3. I poured the last batch of white soap then I used some of the black and red leftover soap to pipe the top (not a well done job on that). Search ” Cherry Tree Blossom Cookies, Haniela’s” on YouTube to see how to pipe the cherry blossoms.

If something is not clear please post your questions in the comments and I’ll gladly answer 🙂