Rainbow Lily

It’s time for another “soapy challenge”! This month is the circling Taiwan swirl. I have to admit I played with this technique before. I tried it when I made my first batch of “Drunk In The Woods”. The soap was loved by my men friends and I remade it once. I used 3 colors because my mold only has two dividers. Nothing spectacular but here are my Drunk In The Woods soaps:

IMG_8380 IMG_8381


For the challenge I wanted to use more than 3 colors and because I was in a “rainbow mode” for a while I decided to go with the rainbow colors. Three dividers means 4 spaces so I added white to the rainbow. My plan was to try pouring two colors side by side in each compartment created by dividers.

So I “created” three very stylish dividers out of a box I received supplies in (my grandma always used to say “never throw anything away, you never know when you need it”). I fit them tightly in but there was so little space in each compartment. Pouring 2 colors side by side in each one using pitchers was out of question, I can’t be that precise even if the soap behaves. I thought of pouring from squeeze bottles but I realized I won’t be able to do it because I couldn’t hold the bottles with the tips close to each other without making a mess in the mold. So I went with piping bags, hahaha. Here’s my set up before pouring


I was very nervous as I never had soap batter that liquid in piping bags. I don’t know what was in my mind when I thought of piping bags but….it worked! I wish I had a picture of me pouring/squeezing from the piping bags side by side but I had nobody at home when I made it. Well, I wouldn’t have made it if someone was home, I love being by myself when I make soap.

I poured white and red in the first compartment, orange and yellow in the second, white and green in the third, and blue and purple in the last one. This is the soap in the mold after I took the dividers out:


This is the soap in the mold after being swirled:


And here are pictures after the cut:

lotus lotus1


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