The Making Of “Lights & Shadows”


I just love the effect of black and white in this soap, it is so cool and eye-catching! And probably you wouldn’t believe if I told you it was one of the easiest soap design I’ve made. I’m pretty sure the pictures alone would tell you how I made it.

Just embeds but I used them in a slab mold 🙂

I made white soap with poppy seeds in 3 different round sizes (plumbing pipes) and in a square mold. I cut the square in triangles and I left the round soap the way it was. Each embed was cut in approximately 1 1/2 – 2 inch long and placed randomly in a slab mold:



Even if it’s not obvious in the final bar, I did coat each piece with gold mica (too bad is not visible unless you look really close):

IMG_9092    IMG_9094


Then I made black soap and I poured it on top of the embeds, about 1 1/2 inch high. I know, it’s very messy but the top got shaved off so it really didn’t matter.













I cut the slab in 12 pieces, each 2X4 inch like this:



And this is how the bars look like, they look like they were made in a tall&skinny mold:




Pretty easy. Right? 🙂

Please give it a try and let me know by tagging me or messaging me pictures. I love seeing other creations <3

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  • Rhonda McClain

    Carmen this is so simple as far as the two colors but also so unique. I’ve got to start back making embeds. At one time nearly all of mine had embeds….been lazy. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful designs and the tutorials.

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