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  • The Making Of “Lights & Shadows”

    I just love the effect of black and white in this soap, it is so cool and eye-catching! And probably you wouldn’t believe if I told you it was one of the easiest soap design I’ve made. I’m pretty sure the pictures alone would tell you how I made it. Just embeds but I used […]

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  • Rimmed Soap-March Soap Challenge

    Rimmed Soap….my worst soaping fear until I signed up for this challenge.   Thank you Tatsiana and Amy for helping me face it. My first attempt went so smooth that I had to make 2 more, it was so addicting. I actually made 3 more but I messed up slicing one of the rims so […]

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  • The Making of “The Network”

      This soap was inspired by a fascinating design I’ve seen on Instagram. Both SoapTechniques and SoapbyAniri had examples of this design and I just loved it. I admire their work so much! Check out their Instagram account (#soaptechniques and #Soapbyaniri) for beautiful soaps!   I’ve been trying to figure out the design and I […]

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